Strike-N-Light Tip Up
  • Strike-N-Light Tip Up

    SKU: SNL

    The FishOly Strike-N-Light tip up has built-in lights and sound.  The unit will signal when tipped and will continue to signal until you reset it.  Never miss a strike again!  


    • LIGHTS AND SOUND Easily seen day or night.  Our tip-up will make sound and flash when tipped and will signal until you turn it off.
    • UNIQUE FLAG COLORS Interchangeable light pipes identify which tip-ups belong to you or your buddy.  It’s easy to change colors, no tools required.
    • REMOVE ROD FROM BASE A firm tug will release the rod from the base making it easier to jig or reel in a fish. 
    • SET THE STRIKE SENSITIVITY You control the strike sensitivity by positioning the reel.
    • USE THE REEL OF YOUR CHOICE The hood and nut design makes changing reels easy.  Quickly change line by loading several different reels with different weight line.
    • DURABLE Polycarbonate material makes it tough and durable even in extremely cold temperatures.
    • WATER RESISTANT Circuit boards are protected with nanotechnology and can withstand the elements.
    • LONG LASTING POWER 3 AA batteries power the unit for over 100 hours.  Batteries not included.
    • BUILT IN TACKLE BOX Keep things handy at each hole.  The tackle box is a great place for your name tag.
    • BUILT IN RULER A 20″ ruler on the base helps you determine if your fish is within a slot limit.