What makes FishOly different?


Never miss a strike again!


There are two built-in lights. One is used for the night light which stays on all the time.  The other flashes in the light pipe when the unit is tipped.  The horn lets you know you have a strike even when you're not looking.  Unlike a bell clipped to your rig, the alert will sound until you turn it off.


You'll appreciate that night light when its time to reel up and go home.  You no longer need to venture into the dark with a flashlight looking for tip-ups.  Three AA batteries power the unit for over 500 hours of standard use.  We've gotten over 100 hours with all the lights and horn running non-stop.  We designed the Strike-N-Light to  run on common batteries that you can buy pretty much anywhere.


Who's turn is it?

Gone are the days of leaving the comfort of your nice warm shanty to wander into the cold dark night to periodically check your tip-ups.  Now, not only do you know if you have a strike, but you know who's rig it is. 


You control the color of the light pipe and the number of beeps the horn will make when the unit has tipped.  Now its easy to know which tip-ups are yours and which tip-ups belong to your buddy.  Four different colored light pipes are included in the package.  Easily change colors (no tools required).  You can fish with one color and your buddy can use another.  You can also set the number of beeps the horn will make when you get a strike.  


Take control!

There's lots of advantages to being able to use the reel of your choice. 


No more tangled line!  Say goodbye to tiny spools and fishing line laying on the ice.  At the end of a long day, you'll appreciate how quick you can reel up. 

The ability to quickly change reels means you can go from light line to heavy line simply by switching reels. 


Using a standard fishing reel means you can set the drag.  To free spool, release the drag and wrap the fishing line around the tip twice just behind the eyelet. 


(*low profile reels recommended)


The hood and nut reel holders allow you to place a reel anywhere along the threaded rod.  If you want a light strike to tip the unit, place the reel more forward toward the eyelet.  If you want a heavy strike to tip the unit (or if using live bait), place the reel more back toward the bait box. You can make it even harder to tip by adding a sinker to the hook keeper.  The added weight provides additional counter balance.

polycarbonate material.jpg


These tip-ups are constructed out of polycarbonate material which makes them light weight and super strong. We’ve even ran over the base with a 4-wheeler and it didn't brake.  Rest assured, these units can withstand the wear and tear of many ice fishing seasons.


You can remove the top piece from the base to jig or fight a fish.  It's a whole new game to fight a fish without the bend of a rod.  When you're ready to go back to a tip-up, just snap it back on the base.

circuit board.jpg


The patented design means there’s nothing else like it out there!  The electronics are protected with nanotechnology which means you don’t have to worry about getting them wet.  Even under harsh freezing conditions, these units perform.


The base features a built in tackle box.  Always have extra tackle at each hole. The box is also a great place for your identification information.  The base has a 20 inch ruler which is handy if you're fishing a slot limit species.